For six decades, writer and editor Robert A. Parker has followed up each book he reads, mainly novels, with an evaluation of that book. His comments are informed by his Boston College education but also by an independent critical view that balances a moral and literary sensibility.

He has published previous commentaries in his series of books called, A Literary Cavalcade. They are available at lulu.com as both printed books and ebooks. This blog continues that series for public view. The works represented here are mainly by literary figures, but there are also a few mystery authors and historians.

The fiction and non-fiction reviewed here represents a broad range of writing styles, cultural influences, and moral philosophies. And all are rated on their literary achievement, and, for fiction, the effectiveness of plot, character, and setting, plus their recognition of the moral, ethical, and spiritual values of mankind.

Here is a unique critical perspective that measures the meaning of literature against the meaning of life.

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